The Beginning

I’ve decided to take some time to 快啲學廣東話, which 而家係好屎!上周我去廣州 and had to purely rely on 廣東話 and although 我多啲識 than what I thought I did, I realised that I use 廣東話 and 英文 interchangeable resulting in an English sentence structure, or a partially Cantonese sentence structure with words from both languages – like this, but a lot similar.

So, it’s time to step up my game and do something about it. I thought a good start would be to list all of my resources and programs. I’ve got quite a few which I regularly use and they’ve taken me quite a while to find them, so they’re probably worth sharing – I’ll put them together as a list of posts with some basic reviews over the next few days.


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