Online Resources


Probably my most used online resource. The pronunciation is all in Jyutping so it’s the best dictionary I’ve found. Register and you can turn the search filter off and find some more colloquial sayings including someinsults and swearing.

They also have a parser which is like a basic mass translator. Works well and is substantially better than Google which doesn’t appreciate grammar or the substitution random characters of characters for spoken form.

A wealth of other resources in there that are worth looking through.


A massive character and word database, but unfortunately no Jyutping. Still worth a look though and I use it quite regularly.

NCIKU Mandarin Dictionary

Mandarin dictionary. A friend introduced me to it as you can draw characters in. I actually use this and then put in into MDBG to get the traditional character and pronunciation when necessary.

Cantonese to Jyutping converter

Cantonese characters to Jyutping


I haven’t had a chance to have a proper look through this but first impression are that its quite good. More of a series of lessons than anything else.

Carols Douh

Some good material on here. Some of it should come with a warning like “don’t say this to your girlfriend” but you learn from your mistakes!

廣府話小研究 Cantonese Resources

A really good online resource of various programs and websites. I found a lot of the programs I use daily on here. He’s also put up some K-TV stuff translated into Jyutping lately.

Canton 168 – 廣東一路發

A lot of good material on here covering a variety of things. He is also on Facebook and often posts some interesting articles.

Learn Cantonese 學廣東話

This is a pretty interesting site and appears to use a form of Jyutping but some of the spellings don’t seem to match what I’m used to – not too sure what’s going on there!


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