Potty Mouth

Swearing, 爛口 laan6 hau2

One of the first things I started learning in Cantonese was swearing.  Strange although it may seem, I actually think the ability to swear in a language helps you understand grammar.  You can’t simply but “屌” into a sentence, you need to know how it is used, why it is used, and where to place it.

The Den of Iniquity over on the CantoDict forums has some decient information, and a good buy is A Dictionary of Cantonese Slang.

There are a number of words which can be added to a sentence.  The first thing to remember is that you can’t simply add the Cantonese word for “fuck” into a sentence and hope that it works.

Apparently these are sometimes known as the “outstanding five in Cantonese” (廣東話一門五傑).

This is a very basic outline.  I found some more detailed information which took forever to translate:

屌 (diu2) – explanation and how to use it

𨳍 (cat6) – explanation and how to use it

閪 (hai1) – explanation and how to use it

𨶙 (lan2) – explanation and how to use it

𨳊 (gau1) – explanation and how to use it


or 𨳒



It actually originally meant penis and is used in Taiwan to mean “cool”.


屌你 diu2 nei5

Fuck you

屌你老母  diu2 nei5 lou5 mou5

Fuck your mother.  A common sentence, usually an insult towards someone, but I’ve heard it used as a curse sometimes when something goes wrong, and it’s not actually directed at anyone.





This is basically used in the same way that people use “fucking” in a sentence in English.  It’s different to 屌 in the sense that its more used to strengthen a sentence rather than to insult someone.


你做乜𨶙嘢呀?nei5 zou6 mat1 lan2 je5 aa1

What the fuck are you doing?

你食𨶙咗飯乜嘢呀?nei5 sik6 lan2 zo2 faan6 mat1 je5 aa1

Have you fucking eaten yet?





I don’t think it’s as commonly used as 𨶙 but I have heard it around.  Because of the character being comprised of 門 & 七 there are certain euphemisms relating to 7.


𨳍頭皮  cat6 tau4 pei4

Dick head skin, which is basically like calling someone a “fucking idiot”.





I know that this word exists, but I don’t often hear it used unless someone is refering to their 𨳊。



Vagina (cunt)


臭閪  cau3 hai1

Smelly cunt

屌你老母臭閪  diu2 nei5 lou5 mou5 cau3 hai1

Fuck your mothers’ smelly cunt


There is quite a couple of good threads over on the CantoDict forums: here and here which list a load of various insults which included the above swear words.

Be warned about the usage of these words.  In Hong Kong there are laws similar to those in the West about swearing in public.  You also don’t want to go round simply insulting people.  A lot of local people don’t use profanity and find it offensive, regardless of how it is used.


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