Being Lazy

I’ve been a bit lazy lately.  My Cantonese classes got cancelled and then getting tied up with work and my social life has meant I haven’t actually learnt anything lately.  If anything I feel like I am going backwards.  Even trips around the Pearl Delta haven’t conjured up an inspiration.  I’ve it another black spot in my learning curve.  Usually they pass within a couple of weeks but this one feels like it is lingering longer than most.

I need to build up my vocabulary, so I’m going to start there.  A start would be connecting my TV up to the wall and watching some proper Hong Kong dramas.  So until I start to learn some more this blog may go a little quiet… hopefully not for too long though.

I should probably add, any TV show suggestions are welcome – with when they’re on!


5 responses to “Being Lazy

    • Thanks! I thought a good place to start might have been the childrens cartoons, but the little voices of the characters are so hard to follow. I saw an Asian version of Power Rangers as well which looks dubbed, probably from Japanese. This made it surprisingly hard to follow. As well as this, in some of the general programs, I try to read the subtitles as well where I can, but I noticed people would say 我知 but the subtitles would read 我係知度. So for word structures and characters that I don’t know, I’m reading the wrong character for the word which is being said! I think maybe the news is the best place to start… politically correct Cantonese.

  1. We watch almost exclusively Canto shows which I don’t understand word for word or watch in the same way I’d watch an English show. I get pretty much the same enjoyment out of it though. When I’m tired and just watching, like, regular TV it’s mostly a puzzle game to see how much of the show’s plot and vocab I can pick up. I was surprised how much I enjoyed and ‘tolerated’ this but also as my vocab grows it’s extremely gratifying to experience your understanding increase. Really important to find stuff you like. I also have a google doc for certain shows or movies that when I have the energy to do some work I watch on the computer and collect words and sentences (with the help of cantodict) and then put them into Anki. This is really helpful because you remember the words learned this way quite well because of the context. Particularly if it’s a show you enjoy. I’m not interested in chinese subtitles for exactly the reason you mention…it’s not cantonese and has never helped me. Here’s a neat site with S.Chow scripts to pour through as you watch: – Go watch Shaolin Soccer again! ;)

    • I need to get hooked up with Anki and start to actually use it. I’ve tried a few times but run out of patients. There is a feature in eStroke on Android but I haven’t used it yet.

      I’ve been surprised at how much I can understand, although basic, from some of the TV programs. I’ve started a little not pad of words on my phone. Usually things friends will say or clips from adverts etc which I know I will use again. I’ll probably do the same with TV.

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