Profanity 粗話

WARNING! 小心! Some of the articles on this site contain words which may cause offence.

One of the first things I started learning in Cantonese was swearing.  Strange although it may seem, I actually think the ability to swear in a language helps you understand grammar.  You can’t simply but “屌” into a sentence, you need to know how it is used, why it is used, and where to place it.

There are a number of words which can be added to a sentence.  The first thing to remember is that you can’t simply add the Cantonese word for “fuck” into a sentence and hope that it works.

Apparently these are sometimes known as the “outstanding five in Cantonese” (廣東話一門五傑).

I found some information online that was posted in Cantonese.  It gives a better explanation than I was able to provide myself, and since its written by someone who speaks Cantonese I’d say that its more reliable too.

屌 (diu2) – explanation and how to use it

Fuck (literally means penis)

𨳍 (cat6) – explanation and how to use it

Cock / Dick (literally means penis)

閪 (hai1) – explanation and how to use it

Cunt (literally means vagina)

𨶙 (lan2) – explanation and how to use it

Cock / Dick (literally means penis)

𨳊 (gau1) – explanation and how to use it

Cock / Dick (literally means penis)

A basic overview can be found here.

Be warned about the use of these words.  In Hong Kong there are laws similar to those in the West about swearing in public.  You also don’t want to go round simply insulting people.  A lot of local people don’t use profanity and find it offensive, regardless of how it is used.