閪 (hai1) – explanation and use

WARNING! 小心! Some of the articles on this site contain words which may cause offence.

I found a series of articles by a random person on Facebook that seemed quite interesting. They depict the correct usage of certain swear words in Cantonese. All of the articles are written in Cantonese so I thought I’d have a go at translating them. The translation might not be entirely accurate.

I would also like to point out that this is a translation, the original document might not be entirely correct and some of the text might be slightly offensive. Where I don’t agree with the translation I have stated so.


ci2 zi6 jyun4 si6 「fong1 hoeng3 ci4 」,zok3 gwong2 dung1 cou1 hau2 zi6 si4 ,jam1 hai1。「sai1 」zi6 dik1 ji3 si1 :ming4 ci4 , gaai2 zok3 neoi5 sing3 dik1 jam1 wu6 waak6 jam1 dou6 ,loeng6 ci4 si6 「faai3 」。lai6 zi2 :
閪 is derived from direct speech, within the Guandong province and is pronounced hai1, 閪.  Like with most profanity, people commonly use alterantive characters such as 西。As a noun 閪 means the female sex organ i.e. the vagina.  The measure word is 塊 (faai3), which is used for pieces of things.  For example:


waa4 ! hou2 daai6 faai3 sai1 !( waa4 !do1 mo1 daai6 dik1 jam1 wu6 aa3  !)
Wow!  Very big cunt!


jing4 jung4 ci4 ,jing4 jung4 bit6 jan4 gaan1 gaau2 ,tung1 soeng4 cin4 min6 wui6 gaa1 jat1 go3 nan2 zi6 。lai6 zi2 : mat1 nei5 gam3 nan2 sai1 gaa3 ?(zam2 mo1 nei5 wui6 ze2 joeng6 gaan1 gaau2 ?)
As an adjective, it can be used to describe people as crafty or sly, usually infront we will add 撚 (meaning 𨶙, lan2, penis, which is used in the same was a “fuck” or “fucking” in English).  For example: Why are you such a fucking cunt?


jyu5 hei3 zo6 ci4 ,bun2 san1 mou4 ji6 。lai6 zi2 : hou2 sai1 do1 yan4 。(fei1 soeng4 do1 jan4 。)
As a model auxiliary it is not correct.  For example: very cunt person.


zo6 ci4 ,din1 dou2 geoi3 zi2 ji3 si1 。lai6 zi2 :ngo5 jau5 ngo5 zi6 jau4 , lei5 sai1 nei5 gam2 sau6 。(ngo5 jau5 ngo5 zi6 jau4 ,bat1 jung6 lei5 wui6 nei5 dik1 gam2 sau6 。)
As an auxiliary word 閪 makes the sentence confusing.  For example: I have my freedom, cunt your feelings.  (I have my freedom, no reason to worry about your feelings).


man4 faat3 :


「sai1 」zi6 bei2 gaau3 gan6 jyu1 daan1 duk6 zi6 geoi3 wan6 jung6 ,gaau3 siu2 gaap3 zaap6 zoi6 geoi3 zi2 leoi5 ,jan1 wai6 「sai1 」zi6 zok3 jyu5 hei3 zo6 ci4 si4 ,jung6 hei2 loi4 bat1 kap6 「 nan2 } 」zi6 kap6 「 gau1  」zi6 seon6 hau2 。jin4 ji4 zoi6 bat1 siu2 cing4 fong3 haa6 ,ngo5 mun4 wai6 kau4 baau3 cou1 si4 ho2 ji5 jau5 gang3 do1 bin3 faa3 ,jik6 wui6 zoeng1 sai1 zi6 zok3 wai4 jyu5 hei3 zo6 ci4 。ji4 dong1 jung6 zok3 jyu5 hei3 zo6 ci4 si4 ,jung6 faat3 jyu5 「 nan2 」zi6 soeng1 tung4 。
閪 suites solitary use within a sentence, compared to being placed within a sentence, because as a modal auxiliary 閪 is not as good as 𨶙 in achieving the same smoothness and readability of the sentence.  However in many circumstances, we do allow it to be used when yelled as an obscenity, so it is possible that in the future 閪 will be used in the same was as 𨶙。


「sai1 」zi6 zok3 ming4 ci4 jung6 dik1 gang3 do1 lai6 zi2 :tim2 sai1 tim2 sai1 ,jyut6 tim2 jyut6 sai1 。(tim2 lung6 jam1 wu6 ,jyut6 si6 tim2 lung6 ,jyut6 si6 gaan1 gaau2 。)
Used as a noun there are more examples: lick cunt lick cunt, exceed lick exceed cunt  (lick and play with cunt, exceed lick and play, exceed is crafty).  I have no idea what this means in English, at a guess I’d say that it implies that when someone goes to far in a situation they are crafty and sly.


zok3 jyu5 hei3 zo6 ci4 ,sai2 jung6 fong1 faat3 jyu5 「 nan2 」zi6 soeng1 tung4 。
To use 閪 as an auxiliary, use the same principle as for 𨶙。


gang3 do1 lai6 zi2 :ci1 sai1 sin3 (fung1 kong4 、so4 。) hou2 sai1 do1 seoi2 (fei1 soeng4 do1 seoi2 。)
More examples: Crazy cunt (mad / foolish),  lots of cunt water (lots of “fucking” water).


soeng4 gin3 dik1 daan1 duk6 zi6 geoi3 jing3 jung6 :
Common uses of 閪:


gaau2 sai1 、jam4 sai1 (jam4 dong6 neoi5 jan4 dik1 ze3 jyu6 。)
Flirty cunt, horny cunt (a metaphor for a horny women)


fei4 sai1 (ze3 jyu6 san1 coi4 fei4 bun6 dik1 neoi5 sing3 。)
Fat cunt.


cau3 sai1 (wai3 cau3 dik1 jam1 wu6 。soeng4 jung6 zok3 juk6 maa6 neoi5 sing3 ,waak6 ze3 jyu6 jat1 se1 ling6 jan4 tou2 jim3 dik1 neoi5 jan4 。)
Stinking cunt (commonly used as an insult toward females, perhaps as a metaphor for being annoyed at a girl)


sai1 zap1 、sai1 seoi2 (neoi5 sing3 sing3 hei3 gun1 dik1 fan1 bei3 mat6 。)
Cunt juice, cunt water (secretion of the female sex organ)


sai1 seoi2 bat1 lau4 bit6 jan4 tin4 ( jau5 ho2 zok3 gaau1 hap6 dik1 neoi5 jan4 ,bat1 jing1 jyu5 jyu5 taa1 jan4 hoeng2 jung6 。)
Water other peoples farms (i.e. you water (with “cunt water”) other peoples farms easily i.e. a slut). 


jan4 sai3 sai1 daai6 (san1 coi4 sai3 siu2 ,jam1 dou6 koek3 han2 fut3 。)
Small person with a big cunt.

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Be warned about the use of these words.  In Hong Kong there are laws similar to those in the West about swearing in public.  You also don’t want to go round simply insulting people.  A lot of local people don’t use profanity and find it offensive, regardless of how it is used.