屌 (diu2) – explanation and use

WARNING! 小心! Some of the articles on this site contain words which may cause offence.

I found a series of articles by a random person on Facebook that seemed quite interesting.  They depict the correct usage of  certain swear words in Cantonese.  All of the articles are written in Cantonese so I thought I’d have a go at translating them.  The translation might not be entirely accurate.

I would also like to point out that this is a translation, the original document might not be entirely correct and some of the text might be slightly offensive.  Where I don’t agree with the translation I have stated so.


diu2 jam1 , zing3 se2 wai6 「mun4 noi6 tim1 jat1 siu2」。jau4 jyu1 diu2 zi6 bat1 nang4 daa2 ceot1 ,daa2 zi6 si4 tung1 soeng4 wui6 jung6 「diu2 」zi6 tai3 doi6 。「diu2 」zi6 ji3 si1
屌 is the correct character (can be written as 小 inside 門:).  Because 屌 cannot always be typed (shown at this time?), the character will usually be substituted (I think he means between 屌 and ).  Meanings of 屌:


ming4 ci4 jung6 ,「joeng4 geoi6 」dik1 ji3 si1 ,loeng6 ci4 si6 「 tiu4 」。
When used as a noun, 屌 requires the measure word 條 which is used for long, narrow objects (unsurprisingly!).


dung6 ci4 jung6 ,zi2 jam1 ging3 caap3 jap6 jam1 dou6 dik1 dung6 zok3 (jau4 zi2 koeng4 gaan1)。lai6 zi2 :daai6 gaa1 jat1 cai4 diu2 tiu4 neoi5!(daai6 gaa1 jat1 hei2 baa2 jam1 ging3 koeng5 hang4 caap3 jap6 naa5 neoi5 zi2 dik1 jam1 dou6 leoi5 !)
When used as a verb,  屌 is used with regard to an action such as inserting a penis into a vagina (particularly with regard to rape), i.e. it means “fuck”.  For example: Everybody together fucks a girl!  I’m assuming he means a gang bang.  The portion in brackets at the end is unclear.  It seems to say that “everybody together force themselves on a women”.  This would imply rape, however I don’t think the wordis purely used in negative situation.


dung6 ci4 jung6 ,ci4 ji6 si6 「mou5 juk6」,daai3 koeng4 lit6 mou5 juk6 sing3 ,si6 jau4 (1)dik1 ji3 si1 jan5 san1 ceot1 lei4 。jung6 zok3 juk6 maa6 taa1 jan4 ,bat1 leon6 tung4 sing3 ji6 sing3 gwan1 ho2 。lai6 zi2 :ngo5 diu2 nei5 aa3 !(ngo5 jim4 zung6 dei6 mou5 juk6 nei5 !)
When used as a verb, 屌 can be used as an insult (in the same was as in English) to increase the intensity of the word which follows (i.e. “you FUCKING idiot” rather than just “you idiot”). To abuse other people, independent of sexual orientation.  For example: I fuck you!  I don’t actually think this has the same effect in English.  (I seriously insult you). I would personally have gone for 屌你。

語氣助詞,用作表現強烈感嘆或厭惡,通常單字使用。例子:屌!(讀時短促而音重,被人或物煩擾時表現厭惡。) 屌(拉長讀,表現失望的心情。)

jyu5 hei3 zo6 ci4 ,jung6 zok3 biu2 jin6 koeng4 lit6 gam2 taan3 waak6 jim3 wu3 ,tung1 soeng4 daan1 zi6 sai2 jung6 。lai6 zi2 :diu2 !( duk6 si4 dyun2 cuk1 ji4 jam1 cung5 ,bei6 jan4 waak6 mat6 faan4 jiu5 si4 biu2 jin6 jim3 wu3 。) diu2 ( laai1 coeng4 duk6,biu2 jin6 sat1 mong6 dik1 sam1 cing4 。)
As a modal auxiliary (who’d have thought you could get so grammatically deep with a swear word?!), 屌 can be used as an individual character to express intense feeling and possibly loathing.  For example:  屌!(when late for something, or bothered by something).  屌 (elongate the sound to express a loss of hope / disappointment of a situation).


jyu5 hei3 zo6 ci4 ,jung6 zok3 biu2 jin6 dat6 jin4 dik1 geng1 taan3 。lai6 zi2 : waa4 !diu2 !(dat6 jin4 gin3 dou3 gik6 cau2 dik1 dung1 sai1 si4 。)
As a modal auxiliary, 屌 can be used to express that you are suddenly scared – when said in shock of something or in ore of something.  For example: Wow!  Fuck!  (when you have suddenly seen the most ugly person of all time).  Was this written by a school kid?!  I’m beginning to think that it was!


「diu2 」zi6 suk6 jyu1 daan1 duk6 zi6 geoi3 wan6 jung6 dik1 cou1 hau2 ,duk6 wai6 sing3 soeng1 dong1 koeng4 ,ji3 si1 jik6 han2 koeng4 lit6 ,wan6 jung6 jung4 ji6 , ho2 zok3 wai4 cou1 hau2 dik1 doi6 biu2 zi6 ,jik6 zeoi3 wai4 jan4 suk6 sik1 。jin4 ji4 ,koek3 bat1 nang4 zoeng6「 nan2 」zi6 jat1 joeng6 caap3 jap6 jat1 geoi3 geoi3 zi2 zung1 zok3 zo6 jyu5 ci4 ,so2 ji5 sai2 jung6 seot1 faan2 ji4 bat1 kap6 「 nan2 」zi6 gou1 。「diu2 」zi6 so2 zou2 sing4 dik1 ci4 geoi3 ,faa1 joeng6 han2 do1 ,lai6 zi2 ho2 gin3 「soeng4 gin3 dik1 daan1 duk6 zi6 geoi3 jing3 jung6 」。「diu2 」zi6 jik6 ho2 ji5 fong3 zoi6 geoi3 sau2 waak6 geoi3 mut6 , jau5 gaa1 koeng4 jyu5 hei3 dik1 zok3 jung6 :
屌 is can be used in solitary within a sentence as profanity, however it can’t be used in every sentence, and over use of the word can be childish.  I think this is what is meant by this paragraph, but I am not entirely sure.  The word location in many sentences is clear (i.e. the placement of 屌 within a sentence is common sense).  屌 can also be put at the beginning or end of a sentence to strengthen the tone and effect:

好撚想搞大佢黎玩!→ 屌!好撚想搞大佢黎玩!

hou2 nan2 soeng2 gaau2 daai6 keoi5 lai4 → diu2 !hou2 nan2 soeng2 gaau2 daai6 keoi5 lai4 waan4 !

你又早洩喇!→ 你又早洩喇!(加強不滿的語氣)

nei5 jau6 zou2 sit3 laa3 !→ nei5 jau6 zou2 sit3 laa3 !diu2 (gaa1 koeng4 bat1 mun5 dik1 jyu5 hei3 )


zik6 dak1 zyu3 ji3 dik1 si6 ,seoi1 jin4 「diu2 」zi6 ho2 gaai2 zok3 joeng4 geoi6 daan6 zoi6 jat6 soeng4 jing3 jung6 zung1 ,ngo5 mun4 bat1 wui5 baa2 「diu2 」zi6 zok3 ming4 ci4 jung6 。 lai6 jyu4 ngo5 mun4 bat1 wui5 syut3「 hou2 daai6 tiu4 diu2 」、「 cit3 diu2 」,ngo5 mun4 kei4 wui6 syut3「 hou2 daai6 tiu4 nan2 」「 cit3 cat1 」(「cat1 」zi6 zoeng1 jyu1 haa6 man4 coeng4 seot6 )。soeng4 gin3 dik1 daan1 duk6 zi6 geoi3 jing3 jung6 :
Even though the word simply means “penis”, we are unlikely to use the term daily (i.e. not likely to use all of the time, in every sentence), we are not able to properly use it as a noun.  For example: we are unlikely to say “very big long 屌”, “cut penis?”, we are more likely to use a euphemism (屌 has been replaced but I’m not sure what 撚 means.  假撚 means dildo though, so I guess this is a slang word), cut penis [七 is commonly used in place of ] (will later develop and become more commonly used within sentences:…. over 屌?


diu2 (pui4 hap6 jyu5 hei3 , ho2 jung6 zok3 biu2 si6 bat1 mun5 、zan3 ging1 、jim3 faan4 、sat1 mong6 。)
屌 (coordinate the tone to express dissatisfaction, shock, fed up, disappointment etc.)


diu2 sai1 (jung6 jam1 ging3 caap3 jap6 jam1 dou6 leoi5 ,faan6 zi2 naam4 deoi3 neoi5 dik1 sing3 hang6 wai4 。「sai1 」zi6 zoeng1 jyu1 haa6 man4 coeng4 seot6。)
屌閪 [I’m assuming he means 閪 (hai1)] (to insert the penis inside the vagina, i.e. to fuck, indicates the man is facing the women during sexual behaviour. 

屌你老母 (嚴重侮辱你母親/用陰莖插入你母親的陰道。)

diu2 nei5 lou5 mou5  (jim4 zung6 mou5 juk6 nei5 mou5 can1 /jung6 jam1 ging3 caap3 jap6 nei5 mou5 can1 dik1 jam1 dou6 。)
Fuck your mother (a serious insult toward your mother).

屌你鹵味 (嚴重侮辱你。『為個人安全,建議用作代替屌你老母』。)

diu2 nei5 lou5 mei6  (jim4 zung6 mou5 juk6 nei5 。『 wai6 go3 jan4 on1 cyun4 ,gin3 ji5 jung6 zok3 doi6 tai3 diu2 nei5 lou5 mou5 』。)
Fuck your mother (substitute for 屌你老母).


diu2 nei5 (tung4 soeng6 )
Fuck you.


diu2 gau1 nei5 (tung4 soeng6 ,「 gau1 」zi6 zoeng1 jyu1 haa6 man4 coeng4 seot6 。)
屌你 (same as above).

屌七你 (同上,「七」字將於下文詳述。)

diu2 cat1 nei5  (tung4 soeng6 ,「cat1 」zi6 zoeng1 jyu1 haa6 man4 coeng4 seot6 。)
屌你  (same as above).

屌妳個西 (用陰莖插入你的陰道,帶侮辱性,男對女用。)

diu2 naai5 go3 sai1  (jung6 jam1 ging3 caap3 jap6 nei5 dik1 jam1 dou6 , daai3 mou5 juk6 sing3 ,naam4 deoi3 neoi5 jung6 。)
屌妳個閪 (Fuck your cunt).

屌你個嘴 (用陰莖塞入你的嘴裡,帶侮辱性,男對同性或異性用均可。)

diu2 nei5 go3 zeoi2  (jung6 jam1 ging3 sak1 jap6 nei5 dik1 zeoi2 leoi5 , daai3 mou5 juk6 sing3 ,naam4 deoi3 tung4 sing3 waak6 ji6 sing3 jung6 gwan1 ho2 。)
Fuck your mouth.


jat1 kam4 ji6 caau1 saam1 diu2 sai1 (sau2 sin1 kam4 naa4 ,jin4 hau6 sau1 cam4 ,zeoi3 hau6 jung6 jam1 ging3 caap3 jap6 jam1 dou6 leoi5 。)
Firstly capture, then search,  then fuck.

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Be warned about the use of these words.  In Hong Kong there are laws similar to those in the West about swearing in public.  You also don’t want to go round simply insulting people.  A lot of local people don’t use profanity and find it offensive, regardless of how it is used.