MTR Jyutping Map

I’ve used the direct translation of the words (although I’ve probably made a few mistakes), rather than what they mean.  This is because the Cantonese meaning is not always the same as the English.

For example, people say that 馬場 means racecourse.  It doesn’t.  It means horse open space, like 機場.  It just so happens that in English we call 馬場 a horse racing track.  Think of it the opposite way, an airport would be 氣港 (or maybe氣埗), but it’s not, because these are two vastly different languages.

The idea of this wasn’t to produce a map of Hong Kong with Jyutping translation, it was to start to understand the various place names across the city – what they actually mean, so that the words can be used elsewhere. I find that if I understand what something means I can use it.


3 responses to “MTR Jyutping Map

  1. Clever and interesting. I’ve just been trying to figure the same thing out and was lucky enough to stumble across your hard work. Funny how some of the names are very plan (Sha Tin = sandy field) and some are rather romantic (like Admiralty = golden clock, Tai Wo = extreme harmony, Ma On Shan = horse saddle mountain).

    You’ve probably already figured this out by now but “Wai” refers to a walled village. So anything with “wai” at least used to have a walled village near it.

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