General Slang

WARNING! 小心! Some of the articles on this site contain words which may cause offence.

In a way, a lot of the Cantonese that is spoken in Hong Kong is slang.  There are characters missing, and words substituted in.  There are a lot of euphemisms used in every day speak which simply make it difficult to understand as a foreign speaker.

These are basically all euphemisms and shouldn’t be used casually.  You could insult someone you wished you hadn’t just because you don’t fully understand the context the phrase should be used in.  The good thing about slang like this is that if used in the correct situation, unlike swearing or insults which only really offend people unless used as a joke, it can actually be quite funny and make light of a situation.


bei6 zik6 zo2

Literally: nose straighten
Implies: have an erection
Reason: it is just a euphemism


sau1 pei4

Literally: shut skin
Implies: shut up and go away (quite aggressive)
Reason: probably something along the lines of “shut your mouth” and it has been shortened over time


jam4 zin6 tau4 ning4 ning4

Literally: horny shake head
Implies: that you’re horny, but doesn’t appear to be a positive statement
Reason: 頭擰擰 implies shaking head in a disappointed manner, so its probably on par with saying someone is pervy


ding2 nei5 go3 fai3

Literally: poke your lung
Implies: get lost / f**k off
Reason: The dictionary entry says that it is a contraction of 頂你個塊閪, which means ” poke your c**t “


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