WARNING! 小心! Some of the articles on this site contain words which may cause offence.

I suppose just more slightly complex euphemisms, riddle like “slang” (for lack of a better word) does exist.  A lot of these however were not recognised by my Chinese friends who grew up overseas, and a lot of my local Hong Kong friends had to think quite hard before they understood the meanings of them.

As such, I don’t think these are very common at all, however they were quite useful to me in learning some new words, and seeing how deep into Cantonese phrases you have to look to find the true meaning of some sentences.  It made me think that the task of becoming fluent may be impossible!


sing1 sing1 daa2 fei1 gei1

Literally: orangutan masturbation
Implies: fuck this, I’m off (in an angry and pissed off way).
Reason: when people think of 猩猩 they also think of 猿 (jyun4) which is an ape. This links to 玩𨶙猿 (waan4 lan2 jyun4) which means a monkey playing with a dick.  I’ve been told that you could use 玩𨶙猿 on its own.


maang4 jan4 tai2 haam4 pin3

Literally: blind man watches salted disc
Implies: the phrase is used when you have done something wrong and are awaiting the consequences i.e. a bollocking.
Reason: A blind man cannot watch porn, he can only listen, and all he hears is fucking.  This is the sound you will hear when you get a bollocking – someone screaming “fuck…” at you.

After my being told a few of these by friends I Googled them to see if I could find a clearer explanation.  I found this website which has quite a bit of information on these slang terms, their use, and some examples and uses of Cantonese profanity.